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Diesel Charges

Diesel Charges:

Seen in light of the above, and because of general further fluctuation in future, the SA Road Freight Association has developed a formula for factoring of diesel prices on total costing, i.e.

New price less old price divide by old price multiplied by 50% x100 = % increase on negotiated base rate.


R10,62 per litre - R10,11 per litre = 51c ÷ R10,11 x 50% x 100 = 2,27 % increase.


African Transport Solutions subscribes to the above costing of diesel price increases, as it offers the following advantages:

1.  It promotes fairness;

2.  It achieves consistency;

3. It is applied upwards/downwards depending on diesel price increase/decrease;

4. It can be applied monthly - on an "ad-hoc" basis (i.e. only when price charges), without re-negotiation being required.


The following is a record of diesel prices over the last three months:


Price per litre

July 2015


Aug 2015


Sep 2015


The above diesel prices were calculated on nation wide average diesel price including fluctuations and as per Government Regulations.